Position: (On the Right) Owner, Mainland and Shipping Manager.

Favorite task: Mouse production.

Hobbies outside of work: Gardening and enjoying time with the granddaughters.

Position: Production manager, Media Organizer, Island order manager.

Favorite task: Weaning bins and finding tons of babies!

Hobbies outside of work: Racing cars and drinking coffee.

Judy (Left) is our local to Cowichan Valley delivery driver, our coffee delivery gal, and our supply shopper.

Position: Worker bee, will do any job that is needed.

Favorite task: Weaning and packing live orders.

Hobbies outside of work: Hiking, diy projects, being outside and reading

Lloyd is our lower Vancouver Island delivery driver. He drives from Victoria and Nanaimo every Friday.

Position: Feed & Water and other barn chores.

Favorite Thing about work: Seeing all the babies.

Hobbies outside of work: Horseback Riding, dog agility and dock diving with my dog Mr. Muggins.

Angie is our Lower Mainland delivery driver. She delivers all over the lower mainland, from North Vancouver to Abbotsford every 2 weeks, and out to Chilliwack as well once a month.

In our facility we produce mice, rats and African soft fur rats. We also supply locally produced chicks, chickens, quail and rabbits, a good selection of insects, along with some dry goods and Pangea.

Our feeders are bred in a secure facility to maintain premium quality. We are not open to the public in order to maintain a virus and pathogen free environment for our animals.

Delivery, shipping and pick up service is offered.

We feed a ration prepared at our local feed mill that is specifically created for reproducing rodents.

Our feeders are process using CO2, as per veterinary standards.

Feeders are weighed after processing to meet sizing guidelines.

We package in resealable ziploc bags to ensure freshness and enable the purchaser to reseal the package between feedings.

We believe in customer satisfaction and will always work to resolve and concerns you may have.